Bucky & Andy Dee – Chur, Switzerland 2009 Tour
Bucky & Andy Dee – Chur, Switzerland 2009 Tour

Ghost of Woody Guthrie

Anywhere But Utah – The Songs of Joe Hill

With support from an all-star cast of performers, including BS Brass, John Abbey, Andy Dee, John Kattke, Cathy Richardson, Sue Demel, the St. Paul Swedish Choir, Don Stiernberg and many more, Bucky Halker has released Anywhere But Utah: Songs of Joe Hill. Joe Hill (1879-1915) was a martyred labor songwriter who penned classics such as “Preacher and the Slave,” “Scissor Bill,” “The Rebel Girl,” and “It’s a Long Way Down to the Soupline.” Halker’s CD features these and many more Hill songs, some of which had never been recorded before. Brass band, blues, folk, and Tin Pan Alley all find a place on this important recording, one that offers a fitting musical tribute to Hill.

The CD, released in the summer of 2015, was partially funded by grants from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affiars and the Swedish Council of America.

Bucky Halker, Ph.D., is a singer-songwriter, performer, and scholar with fifteen recordings to his credit, including Welcome to Labor Land, a recording of Illinois labor songs from the past; and the all-originals Wisconsin 2-13-63, vols. 1 & 2; a 2012 personal tribute of original and cover songs “The Ghost of Woody Guthrie”; and this new release in celebration of the life, legacy and talents of Joe Hill. Bucky is also the author of For Democracy, Workers, and God: Labor Song-Poems and Labor Protest, 1865-1895 and is the producer-scholar for the Folksongs of Illinois CD series. Read more and listen to the album…

Folk Songs Of Illinois #3

Company of Folk – Folksongs of Illinois

Volume 5 – Chicago Since 1970 (released 2014)
Illinois has a rich folk and ethnic music heritage that seldom receives the scholarly, journalistic, or public attention it deserves. Anyone who begins to examine the folk music history of Illinois soon discovers that the Land of Lincoln may well have the most diverse and vibrant musical traditions of any state in the nation. Bucky Halker made that discovery several years ago in his musical travels and he set out to document the state’s music traditions and to make people more aware of them as well. Bucky worked with the Illinois Humanities Council, the Illinois Arts Council, and Company of Folk, to produce Folksongs of Illinois, a CD series that includes five volumes.
Read more and listen to all the discs!

Ghost of Woody Guthrie

The Ghost of Woody Guthrie: Bucky Halker & Andy Dee

Bucky is joined by musical pal Andy Dee for a double CD project that pays tribute to Guthrie’s impact on Bucky over the last fifty years. The CD features 18 of Bucky’s original tunes and 4 of Woody’s. The project is a tribute and a celebration to Woody Guthrie, but it’s much more than that. It’s an honest response to living with Guthrie for so many years, performing his songs around the world, reading the published work on Guthrie, and doing research in the his archives.  Partial funding for this project was generously provided by the Puffin FoundationRead more and listen to the album…

Caskets In The Cornfield

Caskets In The Cornfield

Bucky’s trio, Johnsburg 3, released this CD in the summer of 2010. For years Bucky had collected folksongs from around Illinois and noticed a large number songs related to death, disaster, and dying. He couldn’t resist recording a batch of these great songs and letting people in on a bit of “Illinois song noir.” What history and what fun. Johnburg 3 invent a new genre—Death Folk.  Read more and listen to the album!

Wisconsin Vol. 2

Welcome to Wisconsin vol. 2

Wisconsin 2-13-63, Volume 2 Smart folks and hipsters world wide are picking up copies, so you better too! Order now.  Roots Highway calls it  “An album with thirteen small gems . . . . a great disc” (Italy, 2009).  Bucky travels the landscape of original roots music, skillfully drawing on honky tonk, folk rock, straight ahead rock ‘n roll, R&B, and countrypolitan. Big songs, a big voice, and crafty arrangements wrapped in lonesome steel guitars, twangy Telecasters, the whirl of the B-3, jumbo acoustic guitars, in-the-grove percussion, jazzy trumpets, punchy bottom, and adept harmonies. Read more…

Wisconsin Vol. 1

Welcome to Wisconsin vol. 1

Wisconsin, 2-13-63, Volume 1 “Beautiful songs and arrangements. Halker has offered us an especially successful CD.” (Concerto, Austria, August 2006) Songs range from straight country, to jazz, to jangly pop rock, to New Orleans R&B, Tex Mex, and straight-ahead rock. There’s string sections on a few tunes and horns galore on others, plus ample doses of harmonies, pedal steel guitars, mandolin, electric guitars, Hammond B-3 organ, and dobro and lap steel.  Read more…

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