The Ghost of Woody Guthrie: Bucky Halker & Andy Dee

Bucky is joined by musical pal Andy Dee for a new double CD project that pays tribute to the influence of Guthrie’s impact on Bucky over the last fifty years. The CD features 18 of Bucky’s original tunes and 4 of Woody’s as well.

The project is a tribute and a celebration to Woody Guthrie, but it’s much more than that. It’s an honest and frank response to living with Guthrie for so many years, performing his songs across America and Europe, reading the published work on Guthrie, and doing research in the Guthrie archives. Bucky simply decided one day to start writing songs related to his experience with the kid from Oklahoma and before he knew it he had a bit batch of songs that respond to Woody Guthrie’s ghost in a variety of ways, from the literal in the case of “Woody and Mary, 1933” and “Marjorie Dear,” to the surreal in the case of “Miss Dickinson” and “Dream Day World.”

As Bucky put it: “Woody Guthrie’s been riding shotgun in my life for as long as I’ve been playing music. Our fifty-year encounter has been a friendly, spirited, and engaging conversation. though we’ve had our acrimonious stints. In honor of this lengthy road trip with Woody and the profound impact he’s had on me and the world around us, I decided to create this musical project and take it public. Joined by my musical compatriot-in-song Andy Dee and Mr. Guthrie looking over my shoulder, I offer this tribute to Woody Guthrie (1912-1967).”

The official release date for the CDs won’t be for a number of weeks. However, advance copies are available for sale at or by sending a check for 15 dollars to Revolting Records, P.O. Box 257608, Chicago, IL 60625.

Partial funding for this project was graciously made available through the Puffin Foundation. Special thanks to Shure, Incorporated for their donation of microphones for this project and the Folksongs of Illinois CD series.

Celebrate Woody Guthrie’s 100th in 2012. For additional information on Woody and this year’s events, visit

Listen – The Ghost of Woody Guthrie

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