Bucky Halker: CDs Now Available For Purchase At Bandcamp

As many of you know, CDBaby.com has long been a favorite for indie musicians and Bucky is no exception. However, the company has closed its retail shop and did so with very little advance notice. Many musicians were left scrambling for a place to sell our work and many of us also did not want to us Amazon and hoped to work with a more user-friendly and musician friendly retailer.

Fortunately, many of us have turned to Bandcamp.com and are selling CDs, downloads, and related products there. Bucky Halker is no exception. Most of Bucky Halker’s recording projects are now available at Bandcamp, incliding the Chicago Kids Play and Sing Hoagy, Bucky’s recent illustrated book and CD project featuring young people (ages 4 months to 18 years) and adult musicians from around the city of Chicago. The book/CD generated great press on the front end and then CDBaby closed its doors, even before it made copies available to wholesalers.

So, we are happy that the Hoagy project and most of Bucky’s other recordings can now be found at Bandcamp. Click here music lovers and support a musician in need! Info on the CDs is available on the Bandcamp site, but you can also learn more at www.buckyhalker.com.

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