A Sense of Place

1984 vinyl LP (out of print)
Revolting Records
Recorded at American Artists Studio, Minneapolis, MN

I finally got up the nerve to make a record in 1984. I gathered up a bunch of musician friends from Northern Wisconsin and we headed down to the “cities.” I had been livin’ back up North for a couple years and had been playin’ a lot of music. Acoustic gigs and also fronting a bar band. I picked out the folky-acoustic material for this recording, much of which I’d been playin’ since my undergrad days in Idaho.

None of us knew what the hell we were doing when we got into the studio, except for Tom Blain, who played mandolin, sang background, and helped with arrangments. He did some very nice mandolin tracks and acted something like the producer. I think all of us performed our parts reasonably well. Don Schraufnagel on bass, Jane Thimke doin’ backup vocals, Andy Mathias on sax. Also, I still like some of the songs we recorded. We used to have a blast playin’ this stuff live in these little bars and taverns across Northern Wisconsin. Very grass roots and down home, like live music is supposed to be. Nevertheless, I’m glad this recording is out of print!

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