Caskets In The Cornfield

Caskets In The Cornfield Bucky’s trio, Johnsburg 3, released this quirky, off kilter CD in the summer of 2010. For years Bucky had collected folksongs from around Illinois and noticed a large number songs related to death, disaster, and dying. Well, he couldn’t resist recording a batch of these great songs and letting people in on a bit of “Illinois song noir.” He recruited his musical comrades Don Stiernberg (mandolin/fiddle/vocals) and Tom Piekarski (bass/voclas) and after an afternoon rehearsal they went into the studio and did this recording. Spontaneous and energetic performances. A trainwreck in Chatsworth, the assasination of Lincoln, the Mt. Vernon Cyclone, a fire at the Belleville Convent, the hanging of gangster Charlie Birger, the shooting of Wild Bill Hickok and more. What history and what fun. Johnburg 3 invent a new genre—Death Folk.

To purchase a copy of this CD/booklet, visit bandcamp. Click here.

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