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Passion Politics Love – Audio

Passion Politics Love – Lyrics

  1. Don’t Let The Bastards
  2. Candy Man
  3. Poverty’s Lament
  4. Democratic Blues
  5. Fire and Ice
  6. Emma Goldman
  7. Color Outside the Lines
  8. Heaven In Milwaukee
  9. Jumpin’ Bones
  10. Big Rock Candy Mountain
  11. Mr. Who’s That Guy
  12. Fundy Line
  13. Too Far Gone
  14. Birthday Song


Don’t Let The Bastards
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

You learn to map their every mood
You walk the line outside their path
A kind of game that you can’t win
They have the keys to let you in
It doesn’t matter if you cry
There’s someone else behind their eyes
Don’t let the bastards grind you down…
Don’t even try to figure out
The reasons they get so damn mean
They always hurt their biggest fans
They need a victim close at hand
Somewhere to vent the rage inside
So grab the kid who sits nearby
You have a day as smooth as glass
You know that days like that don’t last
The problem’s never put to rest
At any moment there’s a test
You know that half the town’s the same
You make a vow to break the chain

Candy Man
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

I’ll be your can-dy man
I’ll be your Mis-ter dan-dy
I’ll walk the midway with you, arm in arm in promenade
Kick the sawdust up, throw my money at the games
Shoot the ducks, toss the rings, chase the goldfish in the bowls
Let the dollars fall, we can spend it all
Win the little doll for you
I’ll queue the ticket line, do the sideshows and the rides
On the ferris wheel, dangle our feet side by side
Octopus, roller coaster, view the two heads on a cow
See the whole damn world, from the tilt ‘o whirl
I’ll go upside down with you
Hear the barker calling, this ain’t food it’s carnival cuisine
Got every color, snowcones blue and yellow turn to green
Little donuts, cotton candy, coney islands, and some beer
Listen to the band, you wanna polka, ma’am?
I’ll do the two-step with you
Wanna smell the hay? I know you’re partial to the farm
Do the country thing, let’s go tour the 4-H barn
Sheeps and hogs, peas and corn, see the carrots and green beans
Goin’ to my head, can’t believe I said
I wanna garden plot with you

Poverty’s Lament
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

See a Cadillac sittin’ down the street
Got my nose against the glass
I would not mind a car like that to ride around in
Turn the wheel and do-si-do
You can say that seems a contradiction
You can say what you will
I been ridin’ on the bottom so long
I can’t take it anymore
I’m inside my TV set, not a pleasant place to live
Can you spare me a dime?
There’s a hostess with a batch of curtains
I’ll have all of 1-2-3
You can call that crass
I’ll deal with you tomorrow
You been ridin’ high for years
There’s a woman on my block
I like her red hair
She’s a ruby lipstick fan
She can walk in heels never drop a beat
She’s got money and brown eyes
Who’s to say she doesn’t love more tenderly
Than those who’ve never hit the ground

Democratic Blues
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

They got the bullets and the guns
And they won’t let go
They got the police and the guards
They like to make ’em show
They got the army and the tanks
Wanna let them roll
They got the pilots and the planes
Want us all to know
They got the money, they got the cash
They wanna stay on top, they wanna make it last
They won’t blow away on the latest breeze
They wanna keep you on the bottom
Wanna watch you bleed
Hey mamma what am I gonna do
I got the democratic blues
You got the pencils and the books
But they write the lines
Got the TV and the press
Telling you it’s fine
Got the lawyers and the judge
Don’t ask – it’s a crime
Got the boys in the suits
Tellin’ you to sign (on the dotted line)
They got their rights, they make the rules
They wanna keep their spot, they don’t wanna lose
They ain’t swayed by the market or demand
Who are you kiddin’ jack, this is the man
Hey mamma what am I gonna do
I got the democratic blues
They want to take away the dream
Wash it down the drain
Keep us off the mountain top
Like we got no brain
Tell us what we really need
While they pull the reins
Let us move ahead an inch
While they buy the chains…
You get the left and then the right
Get you all to play
Pull you out in the street
In the night or day
Point the finger call you names
Till the bodies sway
Bring in the little trucks
Take us all away…

Fire And Ice
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

July and hot black tires
Limestone stretchin’ out for miles
Warm water and a taste of shade
Beads of sweat fallin’ down like rain
Dust cloud and a sun-dried face, says:
Take heed, read this place
Look down, see what you’ve found
Another place once held this ground
God & Satan already know
The fire and the ice still runs this show
Good & evil are too damn small
When the fire and the ice wanna take it all
March winds and frosted hands
Wall of granite through the downeast land
Red cliffs and the Fundy shore
High tide poundin’ at my door
Half fog with a crooked grin, says:
Bear witness where you’ve been
These rocks will tell you all
They show the mark of the rise and fall
This place wasn’t made by man
Don’t go thinkin’ that you got some plan
Every grain of every sand
They were shaped by some larger hand
Spring rains and Dekalb signs
Black loam runnin’ long and wide
Square miles and the furrowed rows
Knee-high, wins the best of show
Chair back in a hand-rolled haze, says:
Stare out and fix your gaze
That soil has a story too
A message bigger than me or you

Emma Goldman
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

Tried to ring you up a million times, no answer
God, I’m sick of those machines
Don’t you ever put your books down for a moment?
Pack your heady thoughts away
There’s a world out there that’s more than a distraction
There’s so much to see
You should come outside and play with me
Emma Goldman says it’s fine
Walking by your house, I looked up at your window
Your eyes and nose are in a page
I could see you had the latest weighty volume
Every learned person reads
Yes, it’s true the author’s complex, and a genius
Still I have to say
You should take a little break and let your brain rest
You need liberation too
We could windowshop and buy a cup of coffee
Linger by the hour
Later we can stop for candlelight and cocktails
You could use some sin

Color Outside The Lines
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

At the party with one invitation
She threw her head with a smile
Then she pushed back her chair and proceeded to stare
With the gasoline burn in her eyes, she said:
Do you color outside of the lines?
Do you color outside of the lines
Have you found where the others can’t find
Have you tried hard to see
How it turns out to be
When you color outside of the lines
The last one had his excuses
When his passion was spent in a day
He always saw red, when I sat up in bed
He would shrink when I held up my sign
I heard of a new revolution
Where the water was turned into wine
I was branded plain mad & my throat nearly had
For reciting my childhood rhyme
The word is the poets and peacocks
Pluck every color save blue
That you’re on the run, from the point of their gun
For raising the question one time (one time)
We could slip off under cover of darkness
Watch rainbows beneath our black flag
We could dig in our heels, stick our spurs to the wheels
We could jump on the moonbeams and fly

Heaven In Milwaukee
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

When you wake up in the mornin’ you’ll discover that I’m gone
Beneath the magnet on the fridge a note says what I’ve done
By the time you take a shower and the water hits the drain
I’ll have crossed the Mississippi, I’ll be singing this refrain
I’ll be in heaven in Milwaukee
While you’re crying in St. Paul
While you’re drownin’ in your teardrops
I won’t miss your lips at all
I’ll be watchin’ Brewer baseball,
Drinkin’ Miller, standin’ tall
I’ll be in heaven in Milwaukee
While you’re cryin’ in St. Paul
When we first met in Milwaukee
You said I hate this town
All the locals think that beer & cheese
Can make the world go round
So we moved to the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul
But I’m sick of all the pretense and the largest indoor mall
I don’t mind Minn-e-so-ta, it’s pretty that’s for sure
But you watched that TV show too much with Mary Tyler Moore
I’ve overdosed on high-brow stuff (and all your culture swill)
You oughta grab some guy with a Ph. D so you can get your fill

Jumpin’ Bones
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

We’ll be jumpin’ bones tonight (2X)
Don’t stop or start to think
Just let it fall in synch
We’ll be jumpin’ bones tonight
Great big drops of love (2X)
Heaven let us know
There’s lots of ways to grow
Great big drops of love
Put on your magic shoes (2X)
Candy cane and a crown
Tap me with your wand
Put on your magic shoes
Kisses head to toe (2X)
Turn you all around
Spin you upside down
Kisses head to toe
Get down on my knees (2X)
Ain’t too proud to beg
Be the rooster sittin’ on your eggs
Get down on my knees
Feet up in the clouds (2X)
The kids can just say no
I want what’s down below
Feet up in the clouds
In the morning we’ll say let’s go (2X)
Get some coffee jump back in bed
Start it over do it all again
In the morning we’ll say let’s go

Big Rock Candy Mountain
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]


On the big rock candy mountain
You won’t have to stand in line
On the big rock candy mountain
You will finally get your prize

Every broken down and busted boy
Who’s been shoved around & bruised
Never saw no love light shinin’
Wore the name-tag “born to lose”
Every sister who’s been knocked down
Got up, went down again
Wore the color coded black and blue
And barely inched ahead
Every stiff who lost a paycheck
When they shut the factory down
Turned 55 to a goodbye note & the bastards just left town
Every schoolboy from the projects
Dodgin’ bullets every day
While some corpulent caucasian says
Hey, they wanna live that way
Every girl who’s got a daddy
Treats her like a blow-up doll
Trashes her like a punchin’ bag
When she tries to get some help
Every stiff-lipped kid from anywhere
Who knows the signs so well
When the whiskey hits the old man’s veins
You ain’t supposed to tell
Every battered, bumped & brushed aside
Castaway and used
Every folded, spindled, mutilated
Stapled and confused

Mr. Who’s That Guy
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

You should tell me if I’m wrong
Pardon me I’ll walk away
Tell me stop and I will leave
Turn around, (no) I won’t stay
I only want three minutes of your time, that’s all
Then I’ll step back in my place
If I seem a little bold I’m so nervous I could die
But I thought you ought to know I’m not a man who takes to lies
I hope you say good-bye to Mister-Who’s-That-Guy
So we can fall in love
You got it right, I’m out of line
Got my nose in your romance
Tryin’ hard to make a point
Gone and taken quite a chance
It’s clear you have your reasons for hangin’ on
I’m sure he’s not that bad
But let the devil take me down
If I haven’t got it straight
You can charge me with a foul
If I made a big mistake
I remember once before
Stood in front of you and tried
You had men around like toys
I was one more stupid guy
But I have learned my lesson, been around the world
I’m not some boyish clown
We could have a shan-gri-la
If you acted more on faith
Let’s be honest what’s to lose
You can leave without disgrace

Fundy Line
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

Got the suitcase packed and ready
Got the cooler by the door
We can pick up cheese and coldcuts
Get the ice down at the store
High test in the gas tank
From the man who wears the star
Ten minutes to the border
St. Andrews in an hour
We’ll have a merry time out on the Fundy Line…
We could spend the night in Sussex
Take in all its charms
Wake up bright and early
While the cows are in their barn
Drive straight out to Alma
Where the tides go to and fro
See the fossils on the beaches
Where the glaciers used to roam
Do you wanna go to Moncton
Or shall we do St. John?
They both have their attractions
I don’t wanna miss the fun
We could stay up there for several weeks
Drink real beer each day
Maybe I could get a work permit
Maybe we could run away

Too Far Gone
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

My ticket stuffed down in my purse
They watch my Greyhound like a hearse
They looked as though I almost died
When the driver threw my bags inside
All across the desert sands I roll
Gettin’ out of the old dust bowl
Finally got myself a mind
To stay away for good this time
Too far gone (til I can’t go back again)
Too far gone (til I can’t remember when)
Too far gone (til I’m only some name)
It isn’t that I hate this town
They always got that part all wrong
I’m not as bad as some folks say
I’m just lookin’ for some other way
Just because they plant in rows
They ain’t the ones I have to hoe
It’s not enough for me to greet
The same feed caps on every street
They ask has somethin’ come over you
When the truth is this is nothing new
I thought and thought for years on end
The only question was the when
Most people everywhere stay put
Walk the same ground underfoot
They wanna plow familiar plains
Take their comforts in the same
Okay, there’s sharks in every sea
They’re always chasin’ after me
It isn’t like they’re not here too
When all the curtains follow you
You’d think I’d broken sacred law
By searchin’ out some other cause
Leave me be I wanna get lost
I’ll wait a while to figure costs

Birthday Song
[ Bucky Halker/Revolting Music (BMI), ©1996 ]

They say it’s your birthday
Time to reassess
The things you’ve accomplished
How you’ve been blessed
All your achievements
The path that lies ahead
Cause it’s one more year
One more year today
You took a trip to Paris
Had a splendid time
Found a new employer
Your career is going fine
You bought a brand new bedroom set
Where it’s fun to roll around
It’s one more year…
Someone makes a comment
That reminds you of your plans
Under careful scrutiny
It wasn’t oh so grand
You didn’t make the money
You thought you really should
The lover that you had
Turned out to be no good
Put on your smilin’ lips
You’re here with your friends
All of the best ones will be there in the end
Nothin’ you can do
To stop the turnin’ hands
Cause it’s one more year today
When you start reviewing
You recall the ups and downs
But this could be the best year
You could turn your life around
Finally lose that 10 pounds
Buy some new clothes for a change
Find the perfect lover
With hormones, heart, and brains

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