The Remainders

Remainders1993 CD release – Revolting Records
Recorded 1990-1993 at various Chicago studios

To purchase a copy of this CD, please contact Bucky Halker directly at

An eclectic mix of originals from one of Chicago’s most popular bands in the late 80s and early 90s.
I still say the Remainders were a very fine band. A truly great live band. Gordon Patriarca was as good a rock bass player as you can find, Rich Parenti played soulful sax and was the best white R&B singer I’ve ever heard, and Buddha Slim laid down wonderful accordion and keyboards. We had three first-rate drummers over the years too. I loved playin’ and singin’ in this band. Writing material for this band was fun, but it also allowed me to develop my pop-rock songwriting more.

We’d started off doing mostly covers of zydeco, tex-mex, and New Orleans R&B songs, but quickly began pushing my songs in the mix as well. Unfortunately, we never really sat down to record an entire CD and this recording is a collection of demos we’d cut over a three or four year period. Solid material and excellent performances. It’s a great CD to put in your player for a party. This band should have been signed to a label. If you see this CD on eBay or in the used bin, pick it up and put it in shuffle with some other danceable tracks. You’ll enjoy it.

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